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    The co-crystal structure of the T-box tRNA-binding region, stem I, bound to tRNA is solved, showing that this region not only binds the anticodon, but also cradles the entire tRNA, forming an extended interface; the two T-loop motifs of stem I mediate interactions similar to those of RNase P and the large ribosomal subunit, even though the three species do not share a common evolutionary ancestor.

    • Jinwei Zhang
    •  & Adrian R. Ferré-D’Amaré
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    In the human pathogen Vibrio vulnificus, the riboswitch regulating gene expression of the adenosine deaminase is shown to exist in three distinct stable conformational states; this three-state mechanism allows control of gene expression over a broad temperature range, which is essential for Vibrio adaptation.

    • Anke Reining
    • , Senada Nozinovic
    •  & Harald Schwalbe
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    The crystal structures of two different cobalamin (vitamin B12)-binding riboswitches are determined; the structures reveal how cobalamin facilitates interdomain interactions to regulate gene expression.

    • James E. Johnson Jr
    • , Francis E. Reyes
    •  & Robert T. Batey
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    A riboswitch that binds fluoride was identified recently, which is surprising because both RNA and fluoride are negatively charged; here it is shown that the fluoride ion is coordinated to three positively charged magnesium ions, which are further encased in a negatively charged shell of RNA backbone phosphates and water molecules.

    • Aiming Ren
    • , Kanagalaghatta R. Rajashankar
    •  & Dinshaw J. Patel