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    An analysis of three surveys of COVID-19 vaccine behaviour shows that larger surveys overconfidently overestimated vaccine uptake, a demonstration of how larger sample sizes can paradoxically lead to less accurate estimates.

    • Valerie C. Bradley
    • , Shiro Kuriwaki
    •  & Seth Flaxman
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    Human scientists make unrepresentative chemical reagent and reaction condition choices, and machine-learning algorithms trained on human-selected experiments are less capable of successfully predicting reaction outcomes than those trained on randomly generated experiments.

    • Xiwen Jia
    • , Allyson Lynch
    •  & Joshua Schrier
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    Countries are spending more than ever on research and development, but the fields they fund vary depending on national priorities. And it is not just the research reputation that matters when choosing whether to move abroad — cost of living and quality-of-life are factors too.

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    A small science community offers opportunities in a dramatic landscape, but can also limit career progression.

    • Annabel McGilvray
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    The government is spending more than ever before on research and development, especially on work that is likely to produce returns.

    • Tom Benner
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    Scientists from across the world are attracted to the country, which competes internationally by focusing on its strengths.

    • Karen McGhee
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    A big investor in research and development, South Korea is attracting top scientists in the hope of boosting basic science.

    • Mark Zastrow
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    As China continues to increase its investment in research, it is offering opportunities that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

    • Rebecca Kanthor
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    The government is stepping up efforts to attract international scientists, as the country invests record sums in research.

    • Smriti Mallapaty
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    Although not a major scientific player, India hopes that attracting foreign researchers will help it achieve its ambitions.

    • T.V. Padma