Quantum metrology

Quantum metrology uses quanta — individual packets of energy — for setting the standards that define units of measurement and for other high-precision research. Quantum mechanics sets the ultimate limit on the accuracy of any measurement. Quantum metrology, therefore, uses quantum effects to enhance precision beyond that possible through classical approaches.

Latest Research and Reviews

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    Measurements of motion that avoid quantum backaction, with the potential to surpass the standard quantum limit, have so far been demonstrated using microwave radiation. Here, Shomroni, Qiu et al. demonstrate a backaction-evading measurement of the motion of a nanomechanical beam using laser light.

    • Itay Shomroni
    • , Liu Qiu
    • , Daniel Malz
    • , Andreas Nunnenkamp
    •  & Tobias J. Kippenberg
  • Research | | open

    Precise and stable optical clocks are important for fundamental science and applications. Here the authors demonstrate a clock transitions in thulium (Tm), which has a small black body radiation frequency shift and is suitable for transportable atomic clocks.

    • A. Golovizin
    • , E. Fedorova
    • , D. Tregubov
    • , D. Sukachev
    • , K. Khabarova
    • , V. Sorokin
    •  & N. Kolachevsky
  • Research | | open

    Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is an important technology for many branches of science where unpaired electrons need to be unambiguously detected. The authors propose an EPR spectrometer that uses a single artificial atom as a sensitive detector of spin magnetization enabling them to significantly improve the sensitivity when small sample volumes are present.

    • Hiraku Toida
    • , Yuichiro Matsuzaki
    • , Kosuke Kakuyanagi
    • , Xiaobo Zhu
    • , William J. Munro
    • , Hiroshi Yamaguchi
    •  & Shiro Saito
  • Research |

    Future gravitational-wave detectors are expected to be limited by quantum back action, which is now found in the audio band in a low-loss optomechanical system.

    • Jonathan Cripe
    • , Nancy Aggarwal
    • , Robert Lanza
    • , Adam Libson
    • , Robinjeet Singh
    • , Paula Heu
    • , David Follman
    • , Garrett D. Cole
    • , Nergis Mavalvala
    •  & Thomas Corbitt
    Nature 568, 364-367

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