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Quantum metrology uses quanta — individual packets of energy — for setting the standards that define units of measurement and for other high-precision research. Quantum mechanics sets the ultimate limit on the accuracy of any measurement. Quantum metrology, therefore, uses quantum effects to enhance precision beyond that possible through classical approaches.


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    Controlling the spatial distribution of optically active spin defects in solids is a long-standing goal in the quantum sensing and simulation communities. Measurements of the many-body noise generated by the spins were used to verify that a highly coherent and strongly interacting quantum spin system was confined to two dimensions within a diamond substrate.

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    Two superconductors connected by a weak link form a Josephson junction, a nonlinear circuit element at the heart of many quantum devices. Quantized electrical current steps that were predicted decades ago have now been observed experimentally.

    • Gianluca Rastelli
    •  & Ioan M. Pop
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    ‘Squeezing’ of light can be used to alter the distribution of quantum noise to benefit quantum sensing and other applications. An improved design for a microwave photon squeezer provides high performance over a large bandwidth.

    • Baleegh Abdo
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    Experimental confirmation that the Gouy phase can modify the photonic de Broglie wavelength opens up many exciting directions in metrology using quantum systems with higher-order Gaussian modes.

    • Xuemei Gu
    •  & Mario Krenn
    Nature Photonics 16, 815-817
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    Ensembles of weakly interacting atoms have enabled some of the most precise measurements ever made. Now researchers have shown that making these atoms work together in a strongly interacting regime can boost sensitivity by orders of magnitude.

    • Shannon Whitlock
    Nature Physics 18, 1391-1392