Psychology is a scientific discipline that focuses on understanding mental functions and the behaviour of individuals and groups.


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    A sophisticated theory for learning motor skills places emphasis on the need for inferring context — drawing conclusions about the structure of the environment — for efficiently storing and expressing motor memories.

    • Anne G. E. Collins
    •  & Samuel D. McDougle
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    Scientific progress depends on researchers updating their beliefs when new evidence arises. McDiarmid and colleagues show that psychologists adjust their beliefs after seeing new results from a replication project. While updating is less than a Bayesian model would justify, it is not undermined by personal investment.

    • Michael Gordon
    •  & Thomas Pfeiffer
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    Greater exposure to media coverage of traumatic events is associated with greater symptoms of post-traumatic stress. A new study by Dick et al. indicates that this relationship is stronger in youth with a specific pattern of brain activation that may make them more vulnerable to the effects of trauma.

    • Lisa M. Shin
    •  & Samuel R. Sommers
    Nature Human Behaviour 5, 1471-1472