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Proteolysis in plants refers to the cleavage of proteins into smaller peptides or amino acids by plant proteases. This can occur both inter- and intracellularly.

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    A new protein degradation pathway driven by late-endosome-localized MULTIDRUG AND TOXIC COMPOUND EXTRUSION (MATE) efflux transporters opposes autophagy at the onset of senescence. Paradoxically, the new pathway requires a central component of autophagy.

    • Ulrike Zentgraf
    Nature Plants 5, 129-130
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    The auxin receptor TIR1 is an F-box protein functioning in a ubiquitin ligase complex to target repressors for degradation. It is itself an unstable protein, but newly identified mutations protect both TIR1 and its substrates from degradation. These mutations could help in identifying the substrates for hundreds of other F-box proteins.

    • Dolf Weijers
    Nature Plants 1, 15024