Polymer chemistry

Polymer chemistry is the study of the synthesis, characterization and properties of polymer molecules or macromolecules, which are large molecules composed of repeating chemical subunits known as monomers.

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    The restoration of fire-damaged historical monuments entails a wide range of scientific questions. Taking as a starting point the case of Notre-Dame de Paris, this Comment defines the materials science challenges of post-fire restoration, and also briefly outlines the issues of structural integrity, fire safety and preservation ethics.

    • Ylenia Praticò
    • , John Ochsendorf
    • , Stefan Holzer
    •  & Robert J. Flatt
    Nature Materials 19, 817-820
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    The potential applications of smart photoswitchable porous materials are currently limited by incomplete switching. Now, efficient bulk switching has been achieved by embedding a photoisomerizable overcrowded alkene in a highly porous aromatic framework, creating a material capable of photomodulated gas uptake.

    • Jet-Sing M. Lee
    •  & Hiroshi Sato
    Nature Chemistry 12, 584-585
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    One can combine two distinct chain-transfer agents to tune the dispersity of vinyl polymers. The polymer chains remain living and can be transformed into diblock copolymers.

    • David Schilter
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    First-principles calculations predicted electronic topological properties for 2D honeycomb–kagome polymers, which have been now confirmed experimentally thanks to improvements in on-surface synthesis.

    • Yu Jing
    •  & Thomas Heine
    Nature Materials 19, 823-824
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    | Open Access

    3D printing can allow for the efficient manufacturing of elaborate structures difficult to realise conventionally without waste, such as the hollow geometries of nickel-based superalloy aeronautic components. To fully exploit this method, we must move towards new alloys and processes.

    • Chinnapat Panwisawas
    • , Yuanbo T. Tang
    •  & Roger C. Reed