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Polymer chemistry is the study of the synthesis, characterization and properties of polymer molecules or macromolecules, which are large molecules composed of repeating chemical subunits known as monomers.


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    Stereocontrolled radical polymerizations are elusive, owing to the difficulty of controlling facial addition at a propagating planar, sp2 radical chain end. Now, cobalt–porphyrin initiators are reported that enable the preparation of well-defined, highly isotactic polyacrylamides at low Lewis acid loading.

    • Kasun Wekasinghe
    •  & Aaron J. Teator
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    Complexity is a hallmark of biological systems, but scientific experiments are typically conducted in simplified conditions. Now, diverse polymers that mimic the local environments of complex biological mixtures have been shown to improve protein folding, stability and function.

    • Alana P. Gudinas
    •  & Danielle J. Mai
    Nature Chemistry 15, 751-752
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    A floatable photocatalytic platform made from a porous elastomer–hydrogel nanocomposite has been developed for converting solar energy into hydrogen fuel. This platform enables efficient light delivery, a facile supply of reactant and rapid product separation to achieve high hydrogen-evolution rates. Large-scale and seawater experiments indicate the potential for scale-up and practical application.

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    Nature evolves proteins by iterating through an untold number of mutations over time. Now, a method is reported to prepare and optimize synthetic polypeptides in an automated high-throughput fashion driven by artificial intelligence.

    • Adam J. Gormley
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    Plasmonic heating by nanoparticles has been used to promote a range of chemical reactions. Now, thermoplasmonic activation has been applied to latent ruthenium catalysts, enabling olefin metathesis initiated by visible and infrared light.

    • Leah N. Appelhans
    Nature Chemistry 15, 448-450