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Pollution remediation is the removal of pollutants, including chemical substances and/or energy, that are judged to be having a negative impact on the environment. Frequent targets of remediation include: soils, sediments and watercourses.

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    Due to technological, economic and environmental constraints, contemporary treatment plants cannot treat all wastewater. In particular, the very high amount of agricultural and urban runoff to be treated is increasingly concerning, especially with more erratic — and unpredictable — rainfall events. Passive ecosystem services can be combined with engineered processes to create hybrid, locally adapted, inexpensive and sustainable technologies to more feasibly treat runoff and wastewater globally.

    • Mathieu Lapointe
    •  & Chelsea M. Rochman
    Nature Water 1, 308-310
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    A cost-effective process to achieve defluorination of chlorinated per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) provides valuable insight for sustainable chemical design.

    • Zulin Zhang
    •  & Yongfei Ma
    Nature Water 1, 313-314
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    | Open Access

    Supramolecular chemistry based on cyclodextrin receptors as second-sphere ligands contribute to developing non-covalent materials with synergistic functionalities. Herein, we comment on a recent investigation of this concept, describing selective gold recovery through a hierarchical host-guest assembly specifically built from β-CD.

    • Anne Ponchel
    •  & Eric Monflier
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    Sustainably addressing the water needs of populations in countries lacking adequate infrastructure is challenging. We discuss the potential of decentralized water and wastewater treatment using electrified processes across Latin American countries and reflect on what would help their implementation in the region.

    • Alexsandro J. dos Santos
    • , Haruna L. Barazorda-Ccahuana
    •  & Sergi Garcia-Segura