Pollen tube

The pollen tube is a growth from a pollen grain down into the flower style which allows two sperm cells to pass, one to the ovum within the ovule, and the other to the central cell of the ovule. This process is called double fertilization

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    In plants, the absence of the retinal cofactor hinders the implementation of light-gated ion channels and optogenetic control of membrane potentials through rhodopsins. The engineering of β-carotene conversion into retinal now makes this powerful approach possible.

    • Uriel Urquiza-Garcia
    •  & Matias D. Zurbriggen
    Nature Plants 7, 104-105
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    A major question in plant reproduction is how pollen tubes perceive and decode female cues from the ovule for directional delivery of sperm cells. MILDEW RESISTANCE LOCUS-O proteins regulate pollen tube guidance by decoding ovular signals.

    • Yan Ju
    •  & Sharon A. Kessler
    Nature Plants 6, 51-52