PML bodies

PML (promyelocytic leukaemia) bodies are spherical structures in the nucleus that can measure up to 1 µM in diameter. The principal organizing component of PML bodies is the PML protein. PML bodies vary in composition and have been implicated in cellular processes such as telomere lengthening and the DNA damage response.

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    A specific nuclear PML isoform functions in the host response to infection by sequestering the viral polymerase of an RNA virus for which replication takes place in the cytoplasm.

    • Andrew Jermy
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    The interior of the eukaryotic cell nucleus is populated by a multitude of microscopic domains termed nuclear bodies. Despite having attracted much attention, how these compartments form and are maintained remained elusive. Now, two live-cell imaging studies provide compelling evidence that nascent RNAs can act as transiently immobilized scaffolds that recruit specific nuclear body proteins.

    • Maria Carmo-Fonseca
    •  & José Rino
    Nature Cell Biology 13, 110-112