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Plant sciences is the study of plants in all their forms and interactions using a scientific approach.


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    Receptor-mediated regulation of SPEECHLESS by a MAP kinase cascade coordinates cell fate specification during stomatal development. SCREAM functions as a scaffold to bring SPEECHLESS in proximity with MPK3/MPK6, thereby allowing its down-regulation to inhibit stomatal cell fate.

    • Huachun Larue
    •  & Shuqun Zhang
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    A comprehensive analysis of genetic gains in winter wheat, spanning 50 years of breeding and conducted under a wide range of cropping systems, validates the inherent efficiency of breeding for optimal environments.

    • Matthew Reynolds
    •  & Hans Braun
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    Root growth depends on the shoot-to-root transport of assimilates through the phloem, which is connected to the meristems by plasmodesmata pores. A PHLOEM UNLOADING MODULATOR is now identified to regulate plasmodesmata internal organisation, leading to pores that appear tighter but are more efficient for transport.

    • Sam Amsbury
    •  & Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso
    Nature Plants 5, 561-562