Plant development

Plant development is the process by which structures originate and mature as a plant grows. Plants produce new tissues and structures throughout their life from clusters of undifferentiated cells called meristems.

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    Plant roots have to orchestrate their growth pattern to access available nutrients. Root architecture is governed by auxin that locally steers growth and development of lateral roots, thereby increasing the uptake capacity. A new mechanism for ammonium acquisition by influencing cellular auxin import has been defined.

    • Hans Motte
    •  & Tom Beeckman
    Nature Plants 6, 1080-1081
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    Leaf development follows a common principle but is also flexibly tuned in different species in a spatiotemporal manner. A novel regulatory mechanism controlling leaflet formation has been identified in Medicago.

    • Ying Wang
    •  & Yuling Jiao
    Nature Plants 6, 436-437
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    Plants adjust the balance between growth and defence using photoreceptors and jasmonates. Levels of active jasmonates are reduced in a phytochrome B-dependent manner by upregulation of a 12-hydroxyjasmonate sulfotransferase, leading to increase in shade avoidance and decrease in defence.

    • Claus Wasternack
    Nature Plants 6, 186-187
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    Radial growth of plants is one of the most prominent processes for generating biomass and the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide on Earth. Now, the concerted action of a large set of transcription factors on the regulation of the process has been investigated.

    • Thomas Greb
    Nature Plants 5, 1032
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    Receptor-mediated regulation of SPEECHLESS by a MAP kinase cascade coordinates cell fate specification during stomatal development. SCREAM functions as a scaffold to bring SPEECHLESS in proximity with MPK3/MPK6, thereby allowing its down-regulation to inhibit stomatal cell fate.

    • Huachun Larue
    •  & Shuqun Zhang
    Nature Plants 5, 648-649