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Physics is the search for and application of rules that can help us understand and predict the world around us. Central to physics are ideas such as energy, mass, particles and waves. Physics attempts to both answer philosophical questions about the nature of the universe and provide solutions to technological problems.


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    Dr Michael Falk, professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics at Johns Hopkins University, talks to Nature Computational Science about his academic training at the intersection of physics and computer science, his research in condensed-matter physics, as well as his experience in improving diversity and inclusion in the physics research community.

    • Jie Pan
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    Generating and controlling noncollinear spin textures is a promising route towards developing next-generation logic architectures beyond CMOS. Now, these spin textures can be engineered in twisted magnetic two-dimensional materials.

    • Bevin Huang
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    Denise Völker, Head of Sustainability at DESY, shares how a dedicated sustainability office can lead the way in cutting the environmental impact of a big science facility.

    • Zoe Budrikis
    •  & Denise Völker
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    Determining the melting temperature and electrical conductivity of ammonia under the internal conditions of the ice giants Uranus and Neptune is helping us to understand the structure and magnetic field formation of these planets.

    • Kenji Ohta