Peptide nucleic acid oligo

Peptide nucleic acids are synthetic polymers that mimic the structure of DNA or RNA. PNAs are used in various molecular biology techniques involving specific recognition of a complementary DNA or RNA strand and have been investigated as the basis for diagnostics and antisense therapies.

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    Findeisen et al. have engineered IC7Fc, a cytokine for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, that selectively activates beneficial metabolic pathways systemically and in metabolic tissues without promoting an inflammatory response.

    • Marc Y. Donath
    Nature Metabolism 1, 933-934
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    Oligonucleotides with unnatural sugar backbones that can be replicated in vitro may open up new avenues for synthetic biology and beyond.

    • Fintan R Steele
    •  & Larry Gold
    Nature Biotechnology 30, 624-625
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    A process in which peptide nucleic acids may be used for in vitro evolution has been developed. This method can offer enormous opportunities to evolve stable, non-natural molecules for therapeutic applications.

    • Daniel H Appella