Optomechanics is the use of laser light to control the motion of mechanical vibrations, usually micrometre- or nanometre-scale resonators. As well as probing micromechanical motion, light can also remove energy from the system. In this way, an oscillator can reach the quantum limit with just one quantum of vibration energy, or phonon.

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    The use of amplitude-squeezed states of light as a probe is shown to yield superior measurements of the motion of a moving mirror at low frequencies. The demonstration offers a path to improving the sensitivity of gravitational-wave detectors.

    • Thomas Purdy
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    High-amplitude optical phase modulation has been challenging to achieve in nanophotonic integrated structures. Coherently combining multiple optomechanical modulators on a nanophotonic chip offers an approach to address this challenge.

    • Michał Karpiński
    Nature Photonics 13, 306-308
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    A nanoelectromechanical system made from a nanobeam embedded in a phononic crystal and coupled to a pair of superconducting microwave oscillators can couple hypersonic sound quanta at 0.425 GHz and light quanta with high coherence.

    • Guido Burkard
    Nature Nanotechnology 14, 311-312