Nervous system

The nervous system consists of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (motor nerves, sensory nerves, cranial and spinal nerves, autonomic ganglia, and plexuses).

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    With millions of people losing their ability to detect aromas as a result of COVID-19, our most underappreciated sense is drawing researchers’ attention.

    • Richard Hodson
    Nature 606, S1
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    The hundreds of receptors that give us our sense of smell have been found to have important roles in other parts of the body, and the prospect of targeting them with drugs is growing.

    • Liam Drew
    Nature 606, S14-S17
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    Veterinarian Cynthia Otto explains how we might harness animals’ ability to smell human illnesses — including COVID-19.

    • Julianna Photopoulos
    Nature 606, S10-S11