Natural products

Natural products are small molecules produced naturally by any organism including primary and secondary metabolites. They include very small molecules, such as urea, and complex structures, such as Taxol. As they may only be isolable in small quantities, have interesting biological activity and chemical structures, natural product synthesis poses an interesting challenge in organic chemistry.


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    An autocatalytic peptide cyclase defines a new subclass of plant ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs). This discovery explains the origins of a large family of cyclic peptides and inspires new tools for mining these RiPPs across the plant kingdom.

    • Yit-Heng Chooi
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    Michelle Francl reminds #ChemistsWhoCook to look at the chemistry behind the cooking.

    • Michelle Francl
    Nature Chemistry 13, 923-924
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    Genome mining of Streptococcus mutans clinical samples led to the identification of a structurally unique polyketide/non-ribosomal peptide, mutanofactin-697, that promotes biofilm formation. This study highlights the unexplored functional potential of secondary metabolites and opens new avenues for inhibiting pathogenic processes.

    • Amber M. Scharnow
    •  & William M. Wuest
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    Re-channeling metabolic routes in Nicotiana benthamiana allows elucidation and reconstitution of the biosynthesis of the natural products momilactones A and B. Insights into how plants make these and other natural crop protection chemicals promise future biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture.

    • Trinh-Don Nguyen
    •  & Thu-Thuy T. Dang