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Nanofabrication and nanopatterning are fields of study in which methods are developed to manufacture nanomaterials, or pattern materials on a nanometre scale (i.e., below 100 nm in at least one dimension). Nanolithography is a common method used in nanopatterning.

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    Monoclonal antibodies have shown tremendous success in cancer treatment; however, humanization for clinical applications is expensive and not straightforward. Now, molecularly imprinted polymer nanogels have been developed that can block cell-surface proteins and disrupt tumour spheroids.

    • Alessandra Maria Bossi
    Nature Chemistry 12, 111-112
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    The in situ, nanoscale positioning of a single molecule below the diffraction limit remains a challenge for chemists. Now, two approaches show how this can be accomplished through a combination of super-resolution microscopy and photo-inducible crosslinking chemistry.

    • Limin Xiang
    •  & Ke Xu
    Nature Chemistry 11, 969-971
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    A method to realize regular patterns with nanometre precision during the synthesis of PtSe2 and CuSe monolayers has been developed.

    • Joseph W. Lyding
    Nature Materials 16, 706-707