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    A powerful combination of two-colour imaging in vivo, Fourier-filtered kymography and simulations provides a high-resolution view of kinesin-2 transport dynamics in cilia. This study reveals heterotrimeric kinesin-II as an 'obstacle-course runner' and homodimeric OSM-3 (KIF17) as a 'long-distance runner', and elucidates the 'baton handoff' between these two kinesin-2 motors on the microtubule track.

    • Robert O'Hagan
    •  & Maureen M. Barr
    Nature Cell Biology 17, 1517-1519
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    Genetically encoded and post-translationally generated variations of tubulin C-terminal tails give rise to extensive heterogeneity of the microtubule cytoskeleton. The generation of different tubulin variants in yeast now demonstrates how single amino-acid differences or post-translational modifications can modulate the behaviour of selected molecular motors.

    • Annemarie Wehenkel
    •  & Carsten Janke
    Nature Cell Biology 16, 303-305