Motility is the ability to move spontaneously from one location to another by consuming energy. In biology, the term usually refers to single-celled and simple multicellular organisms, and encompasses swimming, crawling, gliding and swarming motion.


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    In the absence of biochemical gradients, cancer cell migration over fibrillar isotropic collagen can occur by a mechanical self-steering process involving asymmetric matrix deformation from the rear.

    • Katarina Wolf
    •  & Peter Friedl
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    Plasmodium sporozoites can move in rotating vortices owing to their chiral shape and mechanical flexibility, revealing important physical aspects of collective motion.

    • Iva M. Tolić
    •  & Isabelle Tardieux
    Nature Physics 18, 491-492
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    Individual cilia are typically attached to cell surfaces, where they sweep back and forth. A new study charts the behavioural space of the beating patterns of cilia isolated from the cell.

    • Kirsty Y. Wan
    Nature Physics 18, 234-235