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Morphogens are diffusible molecules that elicit signalling responses in surrounding cells in a concentration dependent manner. They modulate gene expression in a graded manner to provide positional information in developing embryos to ensure correct body patterning and formation of body structures both in vertebrate and in invertebrate organisms.

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    Although cardiac cell therapy has been intensely studied, the high expectations are still an unmet goal. A study now characterizes the translational potential and mode of action of human ventricular progenitors (HVPs) derived from embryonic stem cells, as a source for cardiac cell therapy.

    • Louk Theodoor Timmer
    •  & Eva van Rooij
    Nature Cell Biology 24, 606-607
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    During embryo development, concentration gradients of signalling molecules instruct formation of different cell types. How these gradients adapt to variable embryo sizes to form a properly scaled individual remains elusive. A simple system of an activator and an inhibitor, with different diffusion properties, may give an answer.

    • Laurence Garric
    •  & Jeroen Bakkers
    Nature Cell Biology 20, 998-999