Molecular biology

Molecular Biology is the field of biology that studies the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules – such as nucleic acids and proteins – that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell’s functions and maintenance.


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  • Research Highlights |

    A study in Nature describes the assembly of a human genome with greater continuity than the current reference genome, as well as the assembly of a complete human X chromosome. These assemblies were achieved by combining data generated by different long-read sequencing technologies.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton
  • News and Views |

    Translation and mRNA decay are tightly connected processes governing protein production, and their regulation involves an elaborate network of protein factors and sequence elements. A massively parallel RNA-based reporter system now reveals regulatory pathways triggered by 5′ UTR elements and allows dissection of the interplay between translation and mRNA decay.

    • Marc Bühler
    •  & Alex Charles Tuck
  • News and Views |

    Genomes are highly organized in space and time. Compartments, topologically associating domains (TADs) and loops are three dimensional (3D) genome features that have been extensively studied. Among these three levels of organization, TADs have sparked the most debate. New microscopy data shed light on how TADs and their leaky borders contribute to gene regulation.

    • Irene Farabella
    •  & Marc A. Marti-Renom
    Nature Genetics 52, 752-753