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Microbial genetics is the study of the mechanisms of heritable information in microorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, viruses and some protozoa and fungi.

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    This Genome Watch highlights recent metagenomics studies in fish that reveal unique microbiomes with low functional diversity, which could help to improve our understanding of host–microorganism dynamics in non-mammalian species.

    • Morten T. Limborg
    • , Physilia Y. S. Chua
    •  & Jacob A. Rasmussen
  • News & Views |

    High-resolution meta-omics have enabled the discovery of the microbial enzymes that inactivate an ulcerative colitis drug and predict subsequent treatment failure, an approach that could enable more personalized treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

    • Andrew J. Macpherson
    •  & Uwe Sauer
    Nature Medicine 29, 537-538