Metamaterials are engineered structures designed to interact with electromagnetic radiation in a desired fashion. They usually comprise an array of structures smaller than the wavelength of interest. These so-called meta-atoms can interact with the electric and magnetic components of light in a way that natural atoms do not.

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    The generation of hot electrons in plasmonic nanostructures is of scientific and technological interest, putting the community under pressure to better understand the hot-electron mechanisms and to increase the light conversion efficiency of plasmonic nanosystems for chemical reactions and photodetection.

    • Rachel Won
    Nature Photonics 12, 446-447
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    A theoretical framework for the design of so-called perturbative metamaterials, based on weakly interacting unit cells, has led to the experimental demonstration of a quadrupole topological insulator.

    • Michel Fruchart
    •  & Vincenzo Vitelli
    Nature Materials 17, 292-293