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Medical research involves research in a wide range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available. It can be viewed as encompassing preclinical research (for example, in cellular systems and animal models) and clinical research (for example, clinical trials).

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    | Open Access

    Health and wellness/well-being are multifaceted topics further complicated when trying to understand the environmental impact. Typically, there has been a one size fits all approach when trying to understand the 3-way interaction, but that is a limited approach. Equally, measurement (of each) has often used a limited set of outcomes during short periods to provide insight. A more robust understanding of health and well-being within environments may require longitudinal/continuous assessment that holistically targets individuals. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for careful data management, individual-first methodologies, scalable research designs and new analytical approaches, e.g., artificial intelligence. That presents many challenges but interesting research opportunities for the field of digital medicine.

    • Graham Coulby
    •  & Alan Godfrey
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    The compilation and analysis of a compendium of single-cell RNA-sequencing studies across various cancers reveals recurring gene-expression programs that underpin tumour heterogeneity.

    • Raymond W. S. Ng
    •  & Sydney M. Shaffer