Medical and clinical diagnostics

Medical and clinical diagnostics is the practice of detecting, identifying and monitoring a disease or medical disorder.

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    The tumour microenvironment has a specific enzymatic fingerprint, which provides opportunities for cancer therapy. Now, two studies show how this unique chemical environment can be used to produce reporter molecules or nanoclusters within the tumour that can subsequently be identified in urine or breath, enabling cancer detection and monitoring.

    • Alexander N. Zelikin
    Nature Chemistry 12, 11-12
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    Understanding the mechanics of acute kidney injury from toxins, ischemia and sepsis remains challenging. Molecular probes with high renal clearance have now been developed for real-time optical detection of early-stage biomarkers of drug-induced acute kidney injury, and for the understanding of the mechanisms of injury.

    • Stephen M. Hewitt
    •  & Robert A. Star
    Nature Materials 18, 1034-1035
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    Following binding kinetics over time rather than relying on differences in free-energy of binding enables detection of single molecules of mutant DNA with an estimated specificity of 99.99999%.

    • Stephen G. Davey
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    A holographic approach relying on small-molecule chromogens enables a rapid and inexpensive test for the accurate classification of aggressive lymphoma at the point of care.

    • Varun L. Kopparthy
    • , Ryan Snodgrass
    •  & David Erickson