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    It’s a long-standing theoretical prediction that mutual information in locally interacting, many-body quantum systems follows an area law. Using cold-atom quantum-field simulators on an atom chip to measure the scaling of von Neumann entropy and mutual information, that prediction is now proved true.

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    Reconstructing the motional quantum states of massive particles has important implications for quantum information science. Motional tomography of a single atom in an optical tweezer has now been demonstrated.

    • Hannes Bernien
    Nature Physics 19, 474-475
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    Solitons in attractive Bose–Einstein condensates are mesoscopic quantum objects that may prove useful as tools for precision measurement. A new experiment shows that collisions of matter-wave bright solitons depend crucially on their relative phase.

    • Thomas P. Billam
    •  & Christoph Weiss
    Nature Physics 10, 902-903