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Mathematics and computing is the study and analysis of abstract concepts, such as numbers and patterns. Mathematics is the language of choice for scientifically describing and modelling the universe and everything that happens within it. Computing enables these mathematical problems to be solved in an efficient and automated way.


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    Fifty years ago, an equation called the Black–Scholes formula revolutionized finance, leading to a rapid growth of markets and stimulating quantitatively oriented minds. But, with time, its simplicity became a liability — and yet its legacy persists.

    • Blanka N. Horvath
    Nature 618, 243-245
  • Comments & Opinion |

    Dr Michael Falk, professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics at Johns Hopkins University, talks to Nature Computational Science about his academic training at the intersection of physics and computer science, his research in condensed-matter physics, as well as his experience in improving diversity and inclusion in the physics research community.

    • Jie Pan
  • Editorial |

    Even though Nature Computational Science is a computational-focused journal, some studies submitted to our journal might require experimental validation in order to verify the reported results and to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed methods.