Materials science

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the understanding and application of the properties of matter. Materials scientists study the connections between the underlying structure of a material, its properties, its processing methods and its performance in applications.


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    Elucidating the interactions between serum protein-bound nanoparticles and cell-surface receptors typically operates on a per protein–receptor interaction basis. Integration of omic approaches for testing thousands of interactions unbiasedly reveals important interactions that drive cellular uptake of nanoparticles.

    • Cecilia Ka Wing Chan
    • , Sze Ho Gwyneth Lau
    •  & Chung Hang Jonathan Choi
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    Computer simulations have revealed the topological nature of the liquid–liquid phase transition in colloidal water. This finding might lead to an experimental observation of this topological transition with colloids as building blocks.

    • Camille Scalliet