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Materials for energy and catalysis are materials with electrochemical properties that makes them suitable for use in energy storage applications, such as batteries, and electrocatalysts.


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    A strategy of using a high ligand/metal ion concentration ratio eliminates lattice defects in polycrystalline zirconium metal–organic framework membranes, enhancing their molecular sieving performance.

    • Jun Lu
    •  & Huanting Wang
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    The performance of kesterite solar cells is limited by the formation of secondary phases and defects during the growth of their photovoltaic absorbers. New research shows that a tailored partial pressure of selenium leads to less-defective kesterite without the formation of intermediate phases, enabling 13.8%-efficiency solar cells.

    • Xiaojing Hao
    Nature Energy 8, 429-430
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    Floatable hydrogel photocatalytic platform at the air–water interface features practical advantages for scale-up of solar H2 production with light delivery, supply of water, and instantaneous gas separation.

    • Mingshan Zhu
    •  & Zhi Li