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    Transforming atomically thin materials by their magnetic neighbours reveals a surprising asymmetry that allows a versatile control of the valley degrees of freedom and band topology in van der Waals heterostructures.

    • Tong Zhou
    •  & Igor Žutić
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    An organic quantum magnet has been prepared in short chains of porphyrin derivatives through a combination of on-surface synthesis and atom manipulation using the tip of a scanning probe microscope.

    • P. Jelínek
    Nature Chemistry 15, 12-13
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    Thermal Hall conductivity originating from topological magnons is observed in the Kitaev candidate α-RuCl3 in broad intervals of temperature and in-plane magnetic field, raising questions on the role of the Majorana mode in heat conduction.

    • Hae-Young Kee
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    A combination of tunnelling spectroscopy, magnetotransport, electron diffraction and ab initio calculations have revealed that picometre-scale lattice distortions reverse magnetic anisotropy and enhance magnetic frustration in atomically thin ruthenium trichloride — a key step towards realizing a quantum spin liquid in the two-dimensional limit.

    • Hu Miao
    •  & Gábor B. Halász
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    Spin ices have magnetic moments arranged on a lattice with many possible ground-state configurations. Quantum effects can ‘melt’ the spin ice into a liquid that fails to form static order even at absolute zero despite strong interactions.

    • Vivien S. Zapf
    • , Minseong Lee
    •  & Priscila F. S. Rosa
    Nature Physics 19, 17-18