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Lymphangiogenesis is the process through which new lymphatic vessels are formed.

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    Specialized endothelial cells within certain embryonic blood vessels can generate hematopoietic cells. A recent study reveals blood-forming capacity also within embryonic lymphatic endothelium, which is suppressed during normal development by the lymphatic endothelial fate-determining transcription factor PROX1.

    • Taija Mäkinen
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    How do we measure the impact of scientific research? A new study discusses the current publication culture, diverse animal models that are commonly used in cardiovascular studies, the comparison between basic and clinical research paths, and the role of authors and reviewers in bringing these two paths together.

    • Eldad Tzahor
    •  & Karina Yaniv
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    How lymphatic vessels arise from veins is still poorly understood. A study reports the discovery of a ribosome biogenesis regulator Ddx21 as a previously unappreciated specific factor that is important for the first steps of lymphatic but not blood vessel development. The finding may lead to better strategies to selectively target lymphangiogenesis.

    • Severin Mühleder
    •  & Rui Benedito
    Nature Cell Biology 23, 1109-1110