Liquid crystals

Liquid crystals are substances that flow like a liquid but maintain some of the ordered structure of crystals. Liquid-crystal molecules tend to be elongated and to orient in specific directions.

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    Photonic crystals with optical bandgaps across the entire visible spectrum are generated by reconfiguring three-dimensional blue phase liquid crystalline lattices into long-lived metastable non-cubic structures using sequences of electric pulses.

    • Slobodan Žumer
  • News and Views |

    Physical confinement and magnetic fields are used to align organic molecules that self-assemble into large-size single crystals with perfect positional order.

    • Andrei V. Petukhov
    Nature Materials 18, 1151-1152
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    An inspired experimental approach sheds light on the formation of active turbulence in a system of microtubules and molecular motors. The emergent scaling behaviour takes us a step closer to understanding how activity begets turbulence.

    • Seth Fraden
    Nature Physics 15, 311-312
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    A large-scale imaging study has tracked thousands of bacteria living in three-dimensional biofilms. This technical tour de force reveals the importance of mechanical interactions between cells for building local and global structure.

    • Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo
    Nature Physics 15, 207-208