Lipidomics is the study of the structure and function of the complete set of lipids (the lipidome) produced in a given cell or organism as well as their interactions with other lipids, proteins and metabolites.

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    Metabolomics is on the precipice of transforming from a research tool into a powerful clinical platform to improve precision medicine. However, metabolomics methods need to be validated in clinical research to enable rapid translation of research results into clinical tests.

    • Jennifer A. Kirwan
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    | Open Access

    Pinpointing double bond (C=C) positions in native lipid extracts is beyond the capabilities of standard mass spectrometry-based approaches. This article highlights a novel untargeted workflow supported by the open-source software MS-RIDD, that allows for semi-automated annotation of C=C locations with high confidence.

    • Leonida Marion Lamp
    •  & Jürgen Hartler
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    The rapid increase in lipidomic data has triggered a community-based movement to develop guidelines and minimum requirements for generating, reporting and publishing lipidomic data. The creation of a dynamic checklist summarizing key details of lipidomic analyses using a common language has the potential to harmonize the field by improving both traceability and reproducibility.

    • Jeffrey G. McDonald
    • , Christer S. Ejsing
    •  & Kim Ekroos
    Nature Metabolism 4, 1086-1088
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    We have lost a distinguished biochemist who dedicated his career to the study of phosphatidylinositol signalling in metabolic regulation and to the advancement of lipidomics.

    • Friedrich Spener
    • , Christian Wolfrum
    •  & Wolf Reik
    Nature Metabolism 2, 478-480