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    The Arctic climate is changing rapidly, but quantifying outcomes for Inuit has been elusive. Now, research starts with trail-use instead of models, and finds that the effects from climate change are modest compared with the role of skill and risk-tolerance of the travellers.

    • Henry P. Huntington
  • Comments and Opinion |

    In order to address sustainability challenges, we posit that knowledge generation needs to move rapidly from a disciplinary linear ‘tree’ model to an interdisciplinary ‘web’ model. We show how such a shift is useful by looking at case studies in the context of water management.

    • Junguo Liu
    • , Kamaljit S. Bawa
    • , Thomas P. Seager
    • , Ganquan Mao
    • , Ding Ding
    • , Janice Ser Huay Lee
    •  & Janet K. Swim
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    Understanding what enables teams to flourish has been the focus of considerable interest across domains of human behaviour. A study finds that, in addition to recruiting and retaining highly skilled members, shared prior success significantly contributes to enhanced team performance.

    • Mark R. Beauchamp
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The tendency of modern science to reduce complex phenomena into their component parts has many advantages for advancing knowledge. However, such reductionism in climate science is also a problem because it narrows the evidence base, limiting visions of possible futures and the ways they might be achieved.

    • Jonathan Rigg
    •  & Lisa Reyes Mason
    Nature Climate Change 8, 1030-1032
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Indigenous knowledge and ecological science have complementary differences that can be fruitfully combined to better understand the past and predict the future of social-ecological systems. Cooperation among scientific and Indigenous perspectives can improve conservation and resource management policies.

    • Natalie C. Ban
    • , Alejandro Frid
    • , Mike Reid
    • , Barry Edgar
    • , Danielle Shaw
    •  & Peter Siwallace