Influenza virus

Influenza virus is an infectious agent belonging to the virus family Orthomyxoviridae that causes a respiratory tract infection (influenza or 'flu') in vertebrates. There are three main species, and of these, influenza A viruses cause the most virulent infections in humans and are also a common cause of zoonotic infections.

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    This study shows that alveolar macrophages patrol the lung to take up inhaled bacteria and that influenza virus infection can interfere with this function.

    • Ursula Hofer
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    | Open Access

    The continued explosive spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) despite aggressive public health measures has triggered an unprecedented international vaccine effort. However, correlates of protection, which can help guide intelligent vaccine design, are not known for SARS-CoV-2. Research on influenza immunity and vaccine development may provide valuable lessons for coronavirus efforts, especially considering similarities in rapid evolutionary potential. The apparent inevitability of future novel coronavirus outbreaks must prompt work on a universal coronavirus vaccine.

    • Luca T. Giurgea
    • , Alison Han
    •  & Matthew J. Memoli
    npj Vaccines 5, 43
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    Baloxavir marboxil (BXM) represents a promising advance in antiviral chemotherapies for influenza infections. Identification of transmissible BXM-resistant strains in Japan may hit pause on widespread adoption of this therapy and could lead to revision of surveillance practices for emerging viruses.

    • Karen A. Kormuth
    •  & Seema S. Lakdawala
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    New approaches to vaccine development have generated exciting results over the past 18 months. Focusing on respiratory syncytial virus infection, influenza and tuberculosis, Fauci and Mascola discuss the impact of structure-based vaccine design, gene-based vaccine platforms and advances in adjuvant development.

    • John R. Mascola
    •  & Anthony S. Fauci