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Implants are biomedical materials or medical devices intended to replace a missing biological structure, or support or augment the function of an existing one. Examples of implants are prostheses, dental fixtures, and birth-control subdermal capsules.

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    Lokwani et al. discuss the necessary considerations when performing spectral cytometry on highly autofluorescent samples to extract phenotypic information from autofluorescence spectra and perform accurate quantification of fluorescent labels.

    • Ravi Lokwani
    • , Rohan Chaudhari
    •  & Kaitlyn Sadtler
  • News & Views |

    Porcine dermal collagen was chemically and photochemically bioengineered into an implantable tissue mimicking the human corneal extracellular matrix. The implant presents a simpler and safer method than donor cornea transplantation while delivering equivalent outcomes, and has restored vision to people with advanced keratoconus in resource-limited regions, where the burden of blindness is highest.

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    An implantable stent inspired by kirigami has been developed and integrated with a fluidically driven soft actuator to deliver drugs to tubular organs in the body such as the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.

    • Alexandra Teleki
    •  & Per Artursson
    Nature Materials 20, 1043-1044