Imaging techniques

Imaging techniques are used to obtain a two-dimensional depiction of a surface or a three-dimensional reconstruction of a volume.

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    Ultraflexible coils for magnetic resonance imaging enhance the image quality of body parts that move or that show strong inter-patient variability, as demonstrated by the implementation of the coils on a glove for imaging the moving hand.

    • Elmar Laistler
    •  & Ewald Moser
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    In the quest for nanoscopy with super-resolution, consensus from the imaging community is that super-resolution is not always needed and that scientists should choose an imaging technique based on their specific application.

    • Rachel Won
    Nature Photonics 12, 259-261
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    For electrocatalysts, the activity and stability is determined by the surface — often just a few atomic layers thick. Now atom probe tomography is used to examine the changing surface of an oxygen evolution catalyst at near-atomic-scale resolution, linking structure to activity and stability.

    • Alexis Grimaud
    Nature Catalysis 1, 242-243