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    José Miguel Bermúdez Menéndez, energy technology analyst on hydrogen and alternative fuels at the International Energy Agency (IEA), talks to Nature Energy about the IEA’s Hydrogen Projects Database, which was last updated in October 2022.

    • James Gallagher
    Nature Energy 8, 107-108
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    Achieving high ionic conductivity at close to room temperature in solid oxide electrolytes is challenging due to the large thermal activation needed for ion transport. Now, a hydrogen-intercalated brownmillerite oxide, SrCoO2.5, has been shown to function as a high-performance proton conducting electrolyte for fuel cells below 200°C.

    • Ravindra Singh Bisht
    •  & Shriram Ramanathan
    Nature Energy 7, 1124-1125
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    Ammonia has been proposed as a shipping fuel, yet potential adverse side-effects are poorly understood. We argue that if nitrogen releases from ammonia are not tightly controlled, the scale of the demands of maritime transport are such that the global nitrogen cycle could be substantially altered.

    • Paul Wolfram
    • , Page Kyle
    •  & Steven Smith
    Nature Energy 7, 1112-1114
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    Development of oxygen reduction catalysts is of key importance to a range of energy technologies; however, the process has long relied on slow trial-and-error approaches. Now, accelerated discovery of perovskite oxides for use as air electrodes in solid-oxide fuel cells is achieved with machine learning.

    • Hongliang Xin
    Nature Energy 7, 790-791