Green chemistry

Green chemistry involves the development of chemical products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous and unwanted substances.


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    An unwelcome effect of rapid industrialization in China over the past 60 years has been the rise in air pollution. Researchers now estimate how the solar dimming caused by pollution reduced the potential for solar energy generation in China. However, reduction of pollution to 1960s levels can increase this potential significantly.

    • Ned Ekins-Daukes
    •  & Merlinde Kay
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    Catalysis is essential in the automotive and transportation sectors to target the United Nations sustainable development goals for climate change and the environment. To comply with both the ambitious United Nations goals and step-by-step stringent emission regulations, innovative and economically viable catalytic systems will be a key element in meeting these challenges.

    • Aiyong Wang
    •  & Louise Olsson
    Nature Catalysis 2, 566-570
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    Fossil fuels have long been considered cheap compared to other energy sources, such as solar or wind. Researchers now show that with easy-to-access fossil fuels running out, the more productive renewables may be approaching and even exceeding oil and gas in net energy generation in many cases.

    • Graham Palmer
    Nature Energy 4, 538-539