Geography is a branch of academic study broadly concerned with the Earth. Geographers can be roughly divided into those concerned with physical earth processes (physical geography), such as erosion and sedimentation, and those who are more concerned with human activities (human geography).

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    Pandemic responses can engender healthier and more sustainable societies only if we attend to urban equality.

    • Michele Acuto
    • , Shaun Larcom
    • , Roger Keil
    • , Mehrnaz Ghojeh
    • , Tom Lindsay
    • , Chiara Camponeschi
    •  & Susan Parnell
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    The landscape of the global clean energy industry is transforming, with many technology-following firms in developing countries rapidly catching up to — and potentially poised to overtake — leaders in the developed world. New analysis reveals a clearer picture of this changing geography of clean energy value chains over time.

    • Stine Haakonsson
    Nature Energy 5, 735-736
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    Online conferences are increasingly popular within scientific communities due to the travel restrictions faced by many countries. Although a relatively new phenomenon for many of us, lessons from recent meetings provide useful reflections on the format’s opportunities and challenges compared to conventional in-person meetings.

    • Michael Saliba
    Nature Energy 5, 488-490
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    Food banks, food pantries and other emergency food operations are often overlooked in studies of food access. Their availability for patrons should not be expressed in terms of geographic coverage, but rather their capacity and hours of operation.

    • Jerry Shannon
    Nature Food 1, 257-258