Gene expression profiling

Gene expression profiling is the determination of the pattern of genes expressed, at the level of transcription, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell to give a global picture of cellular function. Techniques to measure this include DNA microarrays which measure the relative activity of previously identified target genes, or sequencing technologies that allow profiling of all active genes.

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    Cellular plasticity allows tumours to adapt to and overcome therapeutic challenges. A recent study uncovered the gene regulatory networks that govern cell states and phenotype switching in melanoma, opening up possibilities to therapeutically target cell states or phenotypic plasticity to render melanoma cells more vulnerable to treatment.

    • Nicole M. Aiello-Couzo
    •  & Yibin Kang
    Nature Cell Biology 22, 913-914
  • Research Highlights |

    A new study in Nature Methods presents the ‘ZipSeq’ spatial transcriptomics approach, whereby patterned illumination is used to print barcodes onto chosen tissue regions.

    • Darren J. Burgess
  • Research Highlights |

    Snake venom gland organoids provide a glimpse into the cell biology of the respective organ and serve as a platform for producing snake toxins.

    • Nina Vogt
    Nature Methods 17, 360