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Gels are materials composed of a three-dimensional crosslinked polymer or colloidal network immersed in a fluid. They are usually soft and weak, but can be made hard and tough. Hydrogels are gels that have water as their main constituent.

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    Three-dimensional printing of hydrogels loaded with fungal mycelium can produce living materials with unique adaptive properties in shapes that are relevant for engineering applications. The metabolic activity of the living mycelial network allows the printed structure to grow autonomously and self-regenerate when it is provided with nutrients in water.

    Nature Materials 22, 16-17
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    An embedded 3D printing technique — which uses an alginate–polyacrylamide hydrogel supporting matrix and a conductive silver–hydrogel ink — can be used to fabricate hydrogel electronic devices containing various different embedded circuits.

    • Shaoxing Qu
    Nature Electronics 5, 838-839
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    An article in ACS Nano presents a hydrogel with a mushroom-like shape that can block and treat gastrointestinal puncture wounds.

    • Charlotte Allard