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Frequency combs are light sources with a spectrum that comprises a series of sharp, equally spaced lines. The frequencies of these lines are known to a very high degree of accuracy, which makes frequency combs an important tool in optical metrology and high-resolution spectroscopy.

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    The three-dimensional images generated by digital holography are usually limited to a single color. A new technique exploiting frequency combs generates holograms with hundreds of colors at once.

    • Chao Dong
    •  & David Burghoff
    Nature Photonics 15, 866-867
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    Light propagating in the topological edge channel of an array of ring resonators is predicted to generate nested frequency combs: like a Matryoshka doll containing a set of smaller dolls, each ‘tooth’ of the comb comprises another frequency comb.

    • Vittorio Peano
    Nature Physics 17, 1078-1079
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    | Open Access

    Drawing around 60 attendees and 20 presenters to a virtual lecture room, April’s CHI-2 Photonics in Microresonators and Beyond conference explored recent progress in the use of microresonators and integrated photonic devices exhibiting second-order nonlinearity for optical frequency conversion.

    • Dmitry V. Skryabin
    •  & Ingo Breunig
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    A chip-based optical frequency comb has enabled the realization of a 300 GHz signal with record low phase noise. The development could yield ultra-compact, ultra-low-noise sources for millimetre-wave applications in telecommunications, remote sensing and precision spectroscopy.

    • Yann Le Coq
    Nature Photonics 15, 487-488
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    Laser-like radiation with a very large spectral coverage is obtained with a comb-like spectrum by concatenating nonlinear processes. Such a light source is extremely useful for detecting molecular trace gases.

    • Akira Ozawa
    •  & Thomas Udem
    Nature Photonics 15, 247-249