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    Fine-scale satellite data are used to quantify forest harvest rates in 26 European countries, finding an increase in harvested forest area of 49% and an increase in biomass loss of 69% between 2011–2015 and 2016–2018.

    • Guido Ceccherini
    • , Gregory Duveiller
    •  & Alessandro Cescatti
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    Analysis of forest-management studies finds that forest removal is more likely to increase streamflow in areas with greater water storage between the surface and bedrock, and that forest planting is more likely to decrease streamflow in drier climates.

    • Jaivime Evaristo
    •  & Jeffrey J. McDonnell
  • Letter |

    Simulations of commonly proposed forest-management portfolios for Europe show that no single portfolio would meet all the requirements of the Paris Agreement, and climate benefits from forest management would be modest and local.

    • Sebastiaan Luyssaert
    • , Guillaume Marie
    •  & Matthew J. McGrath
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    Ground-sourced tree density data is assembled to provide a global map of tree density, which reveals that there are three trillion trees (tenfold more than previous estimates); tree numbers have declined by nearly half since the start of human civilization and over 15 billion trees are lost on an annual basis.

    • T. W. Crowther
    • , H. B. Glick
    •  & M. A. Bradford