Forest ecology

Forest ecology is the study of all aspects of the ecology of wooded areas, including rainforest, deciduous and evergreen, temperate and boreal forest. It includes the community ecology of the trees and other plant and non-plant species, as well as ecosystem processes and conservation.


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  • News & Views |

    Global synchrony in tree growth shows a recent rapid rise tied to increasing temperature synchrony, which might alter global carbon sink dynamics.

    • Lara M. Kueppers
  • News & Views |

    The impacts of climate change on the ecohydrology of forested mountain regions are uncertain. New high-resolution modelling suggests that during a hot, dry summer in the Alps, stressed vegetation capitalizes on downslope water subsidies, amplifying runoff deficits and further depleting water resources.

    • Reed M. Maxwell
    Nature Climate Change 10, 102-103
  • Editorial |

    Forests play an important role in carbon storage and climate regulation, as well as supporting biodiversity. Restoration of lost and degraded areas is firmly back on the agenda with a recent UN announcement.

  • News & Views |

    Vegetation-type conversions driven by fire and climate change in the western United States forests are altering landscapes.

    • Jon E. Keeley
    • , Philip van Mantgem
    •  & Donald A. Falk
    Nature Plants 5, 774-775