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Fluids are amorphous substances, mostly liquids or gases, that flow under an applied shear stress and have the tendency to assume the shape of their container.

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    Liquid metals are promising multifunctional materials, but their single-colour physical appearance limits their applicability. There are several methods to endow liquid metals with colour and fluorescence, and although breakthroughs have been made in controlling their optical and interfacial properties, more work is needed to refine the synthetic strategies, better understand the coloration effects and enable the applications of colourful liquid metals.

    • Liangfei Duan
    • , Tong Zhou
    •  & Qingju Liu
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    A paper in Communications Physics reports that cornstarch suspensions flowing down slopes form ripples like water does — but via a completely different mechanism, which involves their unusual rheology.

    • Zoe Budrikis
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    A combination of hard, soft and nanoscale organic components results in robust superhydrophobic surfaces that can withstand mechanical abrasion and chemical oxidation, and exhibit excellent substrate adhesion.

    • Henri-Louis Girard
    • , Sami Khan
    •  & Kripa K. Varanasi
    Nature Materials 17, 298-300