Flooding is an exceptional or seasonal overflow of water that submerges land and saturates soil. It generally represents a type of abiotic stress for plants, leading to oxygen and energy deprivation, and impeding proper root respiration. Nevertheless, some important plants such as deepwater rice are adapted to cyclical flood.

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    A mechanism by which plants detect and respond to oxygen starvation has been known for some years. Three recent papers suggest that we haven’t been seeing the full picture.

    • Michael J. Holdsworth
    Nature Plants 3, 767-768
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    Hypoxia has long been studied in relation to anaerobic metabolism. It has now been shown to control development, acting as a cue to maintain the seedling's protective apical hook and a trigger of developmental decisions both before and after the plantlet emerges from the soil into the light.

    • Laurentius A. C. Voesenek
    •  & Julia Bailey-Serres
    Nature Plants 1, 15095