Ferroelectrics and multiferroics

Ferroelectrics and multiferroics are a class of materials that exhibit switching of their physical properties under an external influence. Ferroelectrics demonstrate a switchable electric polarization when an electric field is applied. Multiferroics exhibit a similar ‘ferroic’ behaviour in two or more of their (usually electric, magnetic or elastic) properties.

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    A crystallographic brick wall design for polycrystalline dielectric ceramics now allows the application of high electric fields at minimal misfit strain, yielding supreme reliability and high energy density.

    • Jürgen Rödel
    Nature Materials 19, 932-934
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    The generation of charge-neutral anti-Frenkel defects in a complex transition metal oxide provides a useful pathway for controlling electronic conductivity while minimizing the impact on existing functions.

    • Ji Soo Lim
    •  & Chan-Ho Yang
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    In condensed matter systems, the atoms, electrons or spins can sometimes arrange themselves in ways that result in unexpected properties but that cannot be detected by conventional experimental probes. Several historical and contemporary examples of such hidden orders are known and more are awaiting discovery, perhaps in the form of more complex composite, entangled or dynamical hidden orders.

    • Gabriel Aeppli
    • , Alexander V. Balatsky
    • , Henrik M. Rønnow
    •  & Nicola A. Spaldin
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    Skyrmions emerging from complex order offer superior stability and functionality for data processing and storage, but creating such objects is intrinsically difficult. Homochiral electric and antiferromagnetic structures at the domain walls of a room-temperature multiferroic are now observed.

    • Enrico Schierle
    Nature Materials 19, 369-370